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Hope you like it! Even a view means a bunch! A comment or review or critique is even better :D


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States…

Multi-verse friendly!

I am mainly a gurrenlagann/bleach/steven universe oc roleplayer
As well as a Splatoon/undertale oc role player!
But i am still open to more!
I AM TAKEN!!! BY MY HAWT SEXY FIANCE :iconladysenketsu:

i am a otaku, splatoob loving pegasister who loves drawing furries and other thingies.

feel free to chat. im freindly

i just wont stand for bs. you can critique but if your rude or insulting me I will ignore it <3

never said you had to like my art, never said you had to like me, never said you had to like my oc and storys
truth be told. if you dont like anything form here then go to another page. theres a button for such an occasion and for good reasons :3

you just gotta love anime!


soul eater stamps <3


games i like:

Stamp - Sims Glomp by Emotikonz Minecraft Stamp by Ymeisnot Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Stamp by vasselli

stuff you might wana know about me:

Not an Insult - Stamp by Demachic Anime Music Fan Stamp by moonprincessluna Gamer Girl Stamp by GabbyWonka Da Dragon Burnt Ma Stamp by Eva-Dragon-Goddess

wolf kanji stamp by peterdawes I Love My PS3 Stamp by angelslain PS3 Stamp by sonicxrules219 I love my PS3 stamp by SteffieSilva

:thumb317928645: Tablet Artist stamp by SteffieSilva PS2 Stamp by PixieDust01

Tagged by :iconchaos-le-mieux:

Rules for this Session:

1. Answer the Questions that you were asked.
2. Create a new set of Questions and Tag People to answer them.

See that, simple. Don't wanna do it? then don't, but Imma Taggin Yeah anyway.
("I want to know more about chuuu!!!!!")

Questions I was asked

What do you prefer:
1 - Octolings or Inklings?
2 - Ranked or Turf?
3 - To give up on eating Meat or to eat Meat exclusivly?
(If seafood and poltry are aloud then deffinantly give up meat)
4 - Top or Bottom?
(Hahah bottom biyatch)

A little more difficult:

5 - If you saw an Octoling being chased down by the Inkopolis authorities what would your first instinct be?
(Defend the queen!!! Hide her!!! Live with me child you are now my new sister/brother!!! We are alot more alike then you think!)

6 - You are told to go retrieve a zap-fish but you later find out the zap-fish is powering a poverished area; what do you do?
(Reveal such to others so we can rebell and comprimise and co-exist. The people will understand and do the right thing!)

7 - You find an injured Octoling Squishy and Agent 3 orders you to hand her over; do you comply?
In all seriousness, I would give agent 3 the option of keeping me as an alley and friend. We raise my new squishy and show the people we are the same no matter the difference in speciece, or i rebell and flee. And you make an enemy out of a valued ally and friend. )

8 - you are given creditable information of when and where the next Octoling Extermination will be, however if you tell a soul it may cost the live's of everyone you know and love; what your next move?
(Reveal it to my close friends and family then the public. It is not right. The octoligs are like us! It is possible to coexist! *makeup and contacts removed* I am proof child! )

ok, two more questions that are less depressing.

9 - Sweet or Savoury?
10 - Lights On or Lights Off?
Hue hue hue.. Depends


Questions i am asking you!
1. Favorite game

2. Favorite anime

3. Strongest oc's (top 5)

4. Your favorite oc

5. Your ocs best friend

6. your ocs pet

7. Your favorite pet to have

8. Your coolest oc

9. Your most fears oc

10. Your most respected

Now the naughts lewd stuff
(You don't have to answer theese if you don't want to.
Can be answerd in an oc's oppinion)
--oc in question:

11. Favorite position

12. Top or bottom? Both?

13. Biggest kink?

14. First canon/oc char./person you fantasized about?

15. Master or pet?

Now more difficult ones.
Oc's view-- (pick 2)

16. If your friend was being attacked what yould you do?

17. Your worlds enemy aproaches. The leader wants a one on one with you. Do you accept and fight even though you might die and loose the war? Or not go alone and ambush?

18. Honor or pride? (Look up the definitions incase you dont get the question or just choose either or)

19. Your starving.. Beaten and bloody. Weakly you try to rise from the ground. Yet your arms beneath give way and a small cloud of dust escapes from beneath you. You slowly cry as the realization of how alone you are and how you are nearing death reaches your mind.. What do you think of? Any regrets? Will you sit there and take it or fight even if it means your death will be quicker? Or something else?

20. The person you have always loved is inlove with another.. Your best friend.. And your bestfriend loves them back. Are you crushed? Or happy? Or is this a nightmare? Something else?

Lastly: your ideal world?

Now I need to tag some victims...
The one who tagged me!!! Chaos!!

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poster/wall art (traditional)
Kill la Kill poster by whitewolfsanchez
w.I.p. poster by whitewolfsanchez
fam. request. 1 by whitewolfsanchez
fam. request part 2 by whitewolfsanchez
these are pretty large.
can range from many types of paper.

this will have to be discussed, the price will vary.
I do apologize for the images not being there best. 

(the 1st one to your left is merely an example of multiple characters in color on a 7 ft. x 2 ft. paper using various markers and colored pencils.
The quality will in fact be better. This was rushed and with public use markers.

The 2nd is unfinished.)

price based on 24x12 inch poster in acrylic paint
for larger pieces, different papered pieces, and a different medium piece, we will need to discuss it. The price will vary.

3rd is a 2hour drawing and painting.

4th is an 8 hour painting.

Multiple characters cost as well.
painting (traditioal)
class work by whitewolfsanchez
Ari by whitewolfsanchez
can be in either water color or acrylic or even a mixture of the two.
Pens and markers will be used.
Will be on water color paper

(**For an actual acrylic board it will depend on the size. 
we will need to discuss this)
half body's will be $18
full bodies will be $25 
Reference sheets
Can be in digital or traditional.
Will be fully colored. 

Can be mature/adult/kid friendly.
price ranges from $5[left] , $7[2nd one] , $9[3rd one] and finally $15 [4th one]
depending on complexity

the 5th is also $5
fully colored
Dont walk away! by whitewolfsanchez
DLC-Chi bunny girl final by whitewolfsanchez
Nora Mystery Skulls by whitewolfsanchez
New Office And Proud by whitewolfsanchez
Grandmother and Grandchild by whitewolfsanchez
AT: Tea? (FIXED) by whitewolfsanchez
will be mixed with pens, pencils, markers, and colored pencils
can also be digital
Love Won! by whitewolfsanchez
Money Wont Make You Feel by whitewolfsanchez
pokemon team- part two- Koikies team by whitewolfsanchez
character ref. request by whitewolfsanchez
So... (A.T. W/Text) by whitewolfsanchez
Chest Of Holding! by whitewolfsanchez
These can be in digital, traditional pastel chalk, and colored pencil

$4 for an additional character
line art
Kristy and Nora by whitewolfsanchez
Dragged down by whitewolfsanchez
Get your self back up by whitewolfsanchez
bankai line art by whitewolfsanchez
Dont walk away! by whitewolfsanchez
And what's your proposal? by whitewolfsanchez
Line art can be done in pencil, pen, colored pencil, colored pen, marker, and digitally.

additional +$2 for another character
Special (traditional)
Minotaures Nora by whitewolfsanchez
Kiro gift!! by whitewolfsanchez
I seem to favor doing drawings using only 2 colors and a colored background at the moment. 
so for the time being (untill i get sick of this style) it will be cheaper.

chibi's are - $2/160 points
half body - $4/320
Koikie Poses W.I.P. by whitewolfsanchez
Myladykoi-grinner-on-parade- by whitewolfsanchez
well who knew hollow boy had a heart!? by whitewolfsanchez
Bullet- song inspired by whitewolfsanchez
a sketch, 
a general rough drawing in either pencil, color pencil, crayon, pen, or digital pen. 
lil mutt cub by whitewolfsanchez
Xmas Nora by whitewolfsanchez
Kiro gift!! by whitewolfsanchez
Nora Icon by whitewolfsanchez
Me Cute? by whitewolfsanchez
Nora inkling by whitewolfsanchez
+2 for another character


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